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World Statistics Day

The General Assembly of the United Nations adopted resolution 64/267, dated 3rd June 2010 , establishing the World Statistics Day, which is going to be celebrated for the first time in 192 Member States on 20th October 2010.


"Let us make this historic World Statistics Day a success by acknowledging and celebrating the role of statistics in the social and economic development of our societies and by dedicating further efforts and resources to strengthening national statistical capacity"



Letter to World Leaders, July 2010  


Why the World Statistics Day is going to be celebrated?

The celebration of the World Statistics Day will acknowledge the service provided by the global statistical system at national and international level, and hope to help strengthen the awareness and trust of the public in official statistics. It serves as an advocacy tool to further support the work of statisticians across different settings, cultures, and domains.


Celebration of the World Statistics Day in Poland

On the occasion of the World Statistics Day a Special Session of the Statistical Council by the Prime Minister was organized on 18th October 2010 at 11:00 in the premises of the Central Statistical Office.

Invited representatives of high-level public authorities or institutions had an opportunity to listen the following presentations (Polish versions):

Photos from the event

The Special Session of the Statistical Council was accompanied by exhibitions:

Common publication of Eurostat and National Statistical Institutions participating in the European Statistical System on the occasion of World Statistics Day

Polish Official Statistics in the European and Global Statistical System:

International and National Standards of Quality of Statistics:

More information:

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