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Transport - activity results in 2012

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ISSN: 1506-7998
Frequency: annual edition
Language: Polish-English version
Publication date: 2013-08-20
By: voivodship - transport network, cars and urban transport, road accidents


Tables in xls format are in zip file.

Transport - activity results in 2012


Information on types of transport, transport network (by voivodship), means of transport (by type) and registered vehicles (by type of vehicles and voivodship), transport of goods and passengers (by type and direction of transport), reloading in seaports (by groups of cargo and port) and airports (by airport), ship cargo transport (by port and flag) and passenger traffic (by port), planes and passenger traffic (by airport) and revenues, costs, employment and wages and salaries in transport and also information on means of transport traffic at the border gates, road accicents.

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