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National Censuses

The national censuses in Poland carried out in the years 2010 (the National Agricultural Census - PSR 2010) and 2011 (the National Population and Housing Census - NSP 2011) have already gone down in the history of official statistics as one of the most crucial events ever, the significance of which reaches far beyond the borders of the country. For the first time in Poland censuses were implemented with the application of the mixed model, i.e. with the use of data from registers and those obtained from respondents using only electronic forms. In this way paper forms were completely eliminated, which is a world-scale phenomenon and can serve as an example to other countries.

This census process has proven that technological innovation in statistics significantly enhances the quality of results, reduces the response burden and lowers implementation costs.

The census organisation and process contributes in an extraordinary way to the development of the information society. Thus, a significant step has been made towards e-administration.

The website contains, among other things, information concerning the legal framework and objectives of NSP 2011, the obligations resulting from international arrangements concerning the implementation and results of the census, statistical confidentiality and data protection, together with the census architecture. Moreover, a demo version of the census form, and a list of key persons participating in the census project (with contact details), are provided.