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Podlaskie Voivodship in 2013

The booklet includes basic information on the socio-economic situation of Podlaskie Voivodship, i.a. in terms of demography, labour market, dwellings completed, agriculture, industry, construction, investment outlays and finances of enterprices as well as national economy entities in REGON register.
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Structural Changes of Groups of Entities of the National Economy in REGON Register in Podlaskie Voivodship, 2013

The publication presents information about the entities of the national economy recorded in the National Official Business Register REGON as of the end of December 2013, the number of entities newly recorded and signed off from the register in 2013 as well as information on entities of suspended activity.
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Statistical Bulletin of Podlaskie Voivodship IV quarter 2013

Basic indices characterising the socio-economic situation of the voivodship, i.a. in terms of the labour market, and wages and salaries, prieces, finances of enterprises, agriculture, industry, construction and trade.
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Podlaskie Voivodship in Figures 2013

The folder contains basic information characterizing social and economic situation of Podlaskie Voivodship. Selected data were presented against the background of Poland as well as by subregions and powiats.
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Editorial Plan of Statistical Office in Białystok 2014


Editorial Plan of Statistical Office in Białystok 2014 contains information on the Office's publications, which will come out in 2014.


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Statistical Yearbook of Podlaskie Voivodship 2013

The publication contains a wide set of information characterizing the living standard of population and the condition of the region economy. There is also included the table presenting the voivodship against the background of the country. The Yearbook is a statistical representation of Podlasie in 2012, however, taking into account the usefulness of the information for the dynamic comparisons, some data were presented in relation to the years 2000 as well as 2005-2011.
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Podlaskie Voivodship 2013 - Subregions, Powiats, Gminas

The publication contains a wide set of data characterizing the state and protection of natural environment as well as the socio-economic situation of Podlasie in 2012 in the spatial division. There are also overall tables presenting Podlaskie Voivodship in the years 2000 and 2005–2012, as well as subregions and powiats in 2005 and 2012. Selected phenomena are presented in the graphical form of cartograms and cartodiagrams reflecting the diversity of territorial division entities comprising the voivodship.
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POPULATION AND HOUSING CENSUS 2011 Population in Podlaskie Voivodship. Size and Socio-Demographic Structure

The publication is the first thematic elaboration, in which the results of the National Census of Population and Housing in 2011 concerning Podlaskie Voivodship are presented. It includes the characteristics of demographic and social situation in the region as of 31 March 2011.
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Environmental Protection and Forestry of Podlaskie Voivodship in 2012

The publication contains basic information about the utilisation and protection of the land surface and soil resources, water management and water protection, air, environmental and landscape protection, the activity of the environmental protection and sanitary-epidemiological services, economic aspects of environmental protection forest resources, forest management, plantings and economic utilisation of forests. Data are presented in the spatial division, mainly into powiats and gminas. Selected infomation is shown against the background of the country as well as by subregions and urban areas with a high risk to the environment.
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Statistical Office in Białystok cooperates with Central Statistical Office of Grodno Oblast and Statistics Lithuania. Materials presenting the history and the effects of the abovementioned cooperation are shown on this site.

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Green Lungs of Poland in 2009

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Data of Podlaskie Voivodship

population (as of 31 December 2013) 

average paid employment in enterprise sector (February 2014) 

average monthly gross wages and salaries in enterprise sector (February 2014) 
3141,35 zł

unemployment rate (as of the end of February 2014) 

dwellings completed (February 2014) 

procurement of milk (February 2014) 
152,4 mln l

national economy entities in the REGON register, excluding persons tending private farms (as of the end of February 2014) 

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